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An Experienced Attorney Simplifying Complex Litigation

Not all attorneys are cut out for litigation. Being comfortable and effective in the courtroom and in front of a jury is a distinct skill, and there are plenty of lawyers who are better suited to transactional services and negotiations.

Even among court-tested attorneys, many prefer simple litigated disputes. It takes the right combination of skills, experience and temperament to become adept at complex litigation. If you’re looking for such an attorney, contact The Law Office of Thomas S. Mirigliano today.

What Factors Make Litigation Complex?

In some cases, litigation is complex because of its legal subject area. For instance, our firm offers representation in business and commercial litigation, employment law matters and civil rights litigation, which tend to require much more varied knowledge and research than, say, a personal injury lawsuit. Some firms offer services like estate planning, while we represent clients in estate litigation matters.

There are numerous other factors which add complexity to litigation, including:

  • Multiple parties in a lawsuit, including class-action and mass-tort cases
  • Multidistrict litigation
  • Large amounts of money at stake
  • The need to coordinate expert witness testimony
  • Coordinating parallel criminal and civil litigation
  • Working in federal court or numerous jurisdictions simultaneously
  • High-profile cases with considerable media scrutiny
  • Cases where trials will almost certainly be lengthy

A Small Firm With A Large Courtroom Presence

Many firms who take on complex litigation have dozens of lawyers and charge rates reflecting their enormous overhead costs. But you don’t have to work with one of these mega-firms to find an attorney who can take on your complex case.

Our firm’s lead attorney, Thomas Mirigliano, has the experience, skills and ease in the courtroom to successfully litigate most complex legal matters. When you hire us, you’ll have the legal power you need with the personalized attention that you can typically only get from a smaller firm.

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