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The NYPD is the country’s largest police force, with over 36,000 personnel. While an operation of that size is bound to make a few mistakes or hire some less-than-upstanding officers, the problems with New York’s police practices are far more widespread.

Publicly available data show that in 2019 alone, New York City paid out nearly $176 million in claims and civil judgments for lawsuits related to police actions, largely civil rights violations and claims of excessive force. That same year, the city comptroller’s office paid an additional $4 million in civil rights-related settlements.

If you’ve been victimized by law enforcement, you should know that you don’t have to suffer alone or in silence. At The Law Office of Thomas S. Mirigliano, we are proud to fight for compensation and justice for those who have had their rights violated by an agency sworn to serve and protect the public.

Were Your Civil Rights Violated?

Police are supposed to use the least amount of force necessary to ensure their own safety and achieve their objectives of apprehending dangerous suspects. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases that escalate for no justifiable or discernible reason. Serious injuries and deaths at the hands of police are far more common than they should be.

Our firm is ready to help you seek justice and compensation if you were the victim of any of the following abuses of power by police, prosecutors or other law enforcement officers:

  • Excessive force

  • Police brutality

  • An unlawful arrest or false arrest

  • Malicious prosecution

  • Unnecessary use of tasers, pepper spray, batons, firearms and other weapons

  • Being beaten by police, especially after being placed in custody

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If you’ve been victimized at the hands of police officers, chances are good that you are also facing criminal charges. It is critical to both fight the charges and file your claim quickly to ensure that you don’t miss a window of opportunity. There are strict statutes of limitation that must be observed when bringing a claim against the city. Moreover, your case may weaken if you are convicted of a crime before speaking up about what happened to you.

When you contact our firm, we are ready to both defend you in criminal proceedings and represent you in a civil matter related to police or prosecutor misconduct. The sooner you contact us, the better the chances that we can clear your name and seek appropriate compensation on your behalf.

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