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Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City, New York

The Serious Criminal Defense You Need

Being accused of a crime is scary and humiliating. A conviction could mean jail and a criminal record. It also affects your family and your future.

The Law Office of Thomas S. Mirigliano provides aggressive criminal defense representation to prevent the worst. We are prepared to defend you at trial if necessary to protect your freedom. We represent the accused in the New York City metro area and New Jersey. Schedule a free consultation when you call us.

A Strong Defense for Any Charges You Face

Thomas Mirigliano is an experienced criminal law attorney who will forcefully protect your rights and challenge the prosecution’s case. He handles the full spectrum of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, both state-level charges and federal prosecutions in:

  • Drug possession

  • DUI and other traffic crimes

  • Assault and battery

  • Sex crimes

  • Theft offenses

  • Weapons charges

  • Fraud and white collar crimes

In addition, if the police have violated your civil rights, we are prepared to bring an action on your behalf.

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The Best Possible Outcome of A Bad Situation

You are entitled to your constitutional rights and the presumption of innocence. Thomas Mirigliano will vigorously protect those rights at all stages of your case: arrest and detention, interrogation, arraignment and bail, pre-trial hearings, plea negotiations and – if necessary – trial advocacy and sentencing upon conviction.

It is critical that you contact an attorney as early as possible if you or a family member has been arrested. Our firm will explore all defenses, including the legality of traffic stops and search warrants, as well as physical evidence, electronic communications and other circumstantial evidence.

Mr. Mirigliano is an effective trial lawyer who embraces the chance to defend his clients in the courtroom. His reputation at trial also provides leverage in negotiations to dismiss or reduce charges or lessen the penalties. An experienced and compassionate lawyer will help you pick your battles and choose the strategies that give you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

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We are confident we can protect your rights and improve your situation. For aggressive criminal defense, call our New York law office or contact us online.